True 2 U Counseling

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​My name is Jessica Hauser and I have a passion for adult counseling. 
I've worked with adults, children, and adolescents, but my primary focus is on adults. I've performed assessments, conducted intake evaluations, overseen substance abuse groups and cognitive skills groups, and conducted parenting skills groups. I've also been involved in a residential treatment center, therapeutic group homes, 30-day intensive substance abuse programs, family drug court, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient counseling. So you can see from my credentials and experience.

​ I have a varied background and therefore I am quite knowledgeable about the issues that concern you, my valued client. I am totally committed to provide my expertise and support to those people struggling with many difficulties and obstacles. I hope you allow me to help you with your personal growth as we take this journey of renewed conviction and positive change, together.

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